FaceTab 4.4

Interact on Facebook via your desktop

FaceTab is an app for Macs that lets you access Facebook from your desktop. View full description


  • Respond to private messages
  • Update your status
  • Read through your newsfeed
  • Notification pop-ups available
  • Hide the app when not in use


  • No ability to upload photos via the app

Very good

FaceTab is an app for Macs that lets you access Facebook from your desktop.

Similar to its Twitter counterpart, Echofon for Mac, FaceTab lets you view all the important information on your Facebook account from the comfort of your desktop. Different integrated links exist for your Newsfeed, Events, and Places, as well as main linked tabs for Home, Profile, Friends, and Messages. In addition, you can search via FaceTab just like you can on Facebook's regular site, and you can sort through your notifications and various requests too.

FaceTab also comes with a refresh button so you can see the latest news in your feed whenever you like. There are also convenient forward and back arrows and a settings menu that lets you determine how frequently you want to be notified of new information, if at all.

On top of the great options for getting content from Facebook, you can also interact quite easily through FaceTab. Comment on other peoples' statuses, share news stories, or even update your own status easily and quickly. You can also view peoples' photos directly through the app. In fact, the only thing that FaceTab doesn't do is actually upload pictures. For that, you'll have to log onto Facebook via the web. If this feature was added in future versions of the app, it would undoubtedly make this one of the best Facebook desktop apps on the market, if not the best.

FaceTab really makes it easy to keep up with all the things happening on Facebook, all from the comfort of your Mac's desktop.


  • Critical bug fix for Facebook chat?
  • Live Feed (Most Recent) is now displayed as default?
  • Support for Facebook HTTPS setting added to login?
  • Hot Key added to open tab (Ctrl + F)


FaceTab 4.4

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